the post-production suite 

no more proxies. no more thirty-minute renders. realtime playback on up to 6k timelines.


When I first decided to get into editing, I knew that I would need a powerhouse of a computer to explore the creative potential of every project I took on, regardless of turnaround time. If you're savvy, feel free to take a look at the tech specs on the right, but if you're not then allow me to explain. Here are a few things this computer can do:

  - achieve realtime playback of 4k+ footage of any format in Premiere Pro and


  - transform time spent making proxies & rendering into creative flow off the 

      bat and perfecting fine details down the line

  - color grade during 4k playback

  - eliminates the guessing process of color correction, ensuring the image on 

      my screen is the same image on everyone else's

  - exports from resolve and premiere at a lightning fast 175 fps

  - ethernet connection to high-speed internet enables the fastest access to

       project versions available

tech specs

CPU: Intel Core i9 i9-7900X,10 Core, 3.30 GHz Processor (OC to 4.50 GHz)


MOBO: Asus Prime X299-Deluxe

Storage: 3.5 GB/sec sequential write speed

   Programs: WD Black 500GB SSD - M.2 2280

   Assets: WD Black 1TB SSD - M.2 2280

Graphics: NVIDIA 1080 TI (11GB)

4k Monitor: LG 27UD59P, 32in 10-bit, 100% sRGB